Över 97% mikroplastkulor i kosmetiska produkter utfasade

Det europeiska branschorganet för bl.a. leverantörer av kosmetiska produkter, Cosmetics Europe (i vilken KoHF är medlemmar), presenterade den 30 maj de uppdaterade siffrorna för kosmetikbranschens ambitiösa utfasningsrekommendation avseende mikroplastkulor (a) - 97.6% utfasning mellan åren 2012 och 2017 avseende mikroplastkulor som används i rengörande och exfolierande syfte i kosmetiska produkter (inklusive produkter för personlig hygien) som sköljs av med vatten.  

In 2015, Cosmetics Europe recommended to its members to discontinue the use of plastic microbeads for cleansing and exfoliating purposes in wash-off cosmetic and personal care products. Today, we can fully appreciate the results of this recommendation. The 97,6% reduction strongly re-confirms the effectiveness of the voluntary initiative taken by our industry. Already last year, when we announced the progress in reduction of the use of plastics microbeads in cleansing and exfoliating wash-off cosmetics, we knew we were on the right track, but today we can be sure that proactive steps taken by our industry have delivered robust results.” – said John Chave, Director General of Cosmetics Europe.

“The 97.6% decrease, which represents over 4250 tons of plastic microbeads substituted and removed, could not have been achieved without substantial efforts undertaken by the industry to go forward with this pro-active, voluntary initiative. These included research, investment and reformulation – a lengthy, complex and costly process. The availability of suitable alternatives also played a critical role. The result achieved demonstrates systematic progress towards the industry’s objective of removing all plastic microbeads used for exfoliating and cleansing purposes in wash-off cosmetics and personal care products by 2020. We will keep up the good work with the hope of reaching our objective of zero plastic microbeads ahead of the deadline.” - commented Loïc Armand, President of Cosmetics Europe.


a) mikroplastkulor är avsiktligt tillsatta, 5 mm eller mindre, olösliga i vatten, fasta plastpartiklar som används för att exfoliera eller rengöra i produkter för personlig hygien som sköljs av.

b) Gouin et al, 2015, “Use of Micro-Plastic Beads in Cosmetic Products in Europe and Their Estimated Emission to the North Sea Environment” fann att år 2012 användes 4360 ton.